2021 Sorority Life Bucket List

Bucket List checklist

This year has been a time of adjustment for everyone in the world. A year full of cancellations, postponing and restrictions that none of us were expecting. We're beyond ready for a fresh start, and are so excited to ring in the New Year! To make up for what you missed out on in 2020, decide now to live 2021 to the fullest! Check out our sorority life bucket list and make this year an adventure to remember. New Year, New YOU!

Go on a weekend getaway with sisters

Get in the car or hop on a short plane ride for a quick trip filled with endless memories! We promise that this will be time well spent. There’s nothing like a little vacay!

Attend another Greek organization’s philanthropy event

There’s always something going on around campus and philanthropy events are some of the most unique aspects of Greek life. Whether it’s a pancake fundraiser, an intramural competition or even a midnight dance marathon, be sure to check out a few and check this item off your list!

Dress to theme for a Greek mixer

We all missed getting together with friends in 2020. This year, go all-out at a Greek mixer and fully embrace the theme! Don’t be afraid to be creative and have fun!

Spend a night baking at the sorority house

Even though 2020 was filled with a lot of baking (did anyone else try to make bread?), we haven’t been able to welcome a lot of people into our homes...at least not all at once. To make up for lost time, host a baking party in the sorority house for everyone to enjoy!

Tailgate before the homecoming football game

When fall comes around, celebrate the season at a football tailgate with your sisters! Hot dogs, country music, sorority buttons and all.

Plan ahead for the future

Before you know it, you’ll be applying for internships and jobs. Prep ahead of time by perfecting your cover letter and resume and customizing it to fit your personality! View our editable templates today.

Volunteer with your sisters

There are plenty of local organizations that need your help. Make a day out of it with your sisters and sign up to assist at a food bank, animal shelter or maybe even your sorority’s national philanthropy!

Be a tourist in your own college city and explore with your sisters

You’d be surprised how fast four years of college will fly by! Step off campus for a bit and venture into your college city for a mini adventure. You never know what treasures you might find!

Have a sorority themed photoshoot

Sorority themed photoshoot of three girls lying down with heads touching

Sorority girls posing and lying on ground surrounded by confetti
As cliche as it might sound, you will regret it if you don’t do it! Pick out some cute outfits, find a perfect spot by the sorority house and embrace all the adorable pics. Your Instagram will be the chicest on the block!

Say "Yes" to trying something new

All of your sisters like different things! Take a chance and try out a new activity, food or hobby with a friend. You never know what you might end up loving!


Sorority bucket list

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