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Sorority sisters holding large greek letters

When first joining a sorority, there will be so many fun things to take part in! One of the most exciting times as a new member is getting a big sister. A sorority Big is someone who helps a New Member along her journey while acting as an encourager, role model, and close friend. Before finding out who her Big is, a New Member is typically showered with gifts welcoming her to the sisterhood. It’s a pretty amazing way to kick off the membership experience!

For those of you taking on a Little this year, we’ve got some adorable goodies for you. Check out our Big/Little gift inspo below and spoil your Little in a special way!

Trendy Sweatshirt

The foundation of any great Big/Little basket is t-shirts...and lots of them! While old sorority tees are awesome to have when you first join, treat your Little to a cozy sweatshirt that she can wear for years to come! Our trendy marble and blush cropped sweatshirt can be worn in so many ways for a lot of different occasions. Check out Meghan Pruitt’s Youtube video for more ways that your Little can style our sweatshirts, tees and tanks all year long!

Personalized Canvases

Pink canvas with blue Greek letters

The best dorm decor is personalized! Put your DIY skills to the test and create a cute canvas for your Little that she will genuinely love. After all, there’s nothing more special than a homemade gift! Whether it's your sorority letters, a motto or even a funny inside joke, there are a lot of different canvases you can create and include in a basket for your Little! For a simple step by step tutorial, click here.

College Survival Kit

College survival kit gift
Survival Essentials via Thirty Handmadedays

It’s important to remember that your Little isn’t just joining a sorority, she’s also in a new place and tackling school on top of that! A college survival kit with all the stuff that you wish you would’ve been given you when you were in her shoes will mean the world to her. Throw in some pens, notebooks, tide pods, gum and more to help her out! She’ll really appreciate the essentials she’ll need each and every day on top of all the sorority treats.

Greek Mugs

sorority marble greek lettered coffee mug shown in white with gold trim

You can never have too many cute mugs! We know that your Little’s dorm room Keurig will get a lot of use on early mornings before class and late nights studying, so why not top it off your basket with a unique mug that she will love? 

Cosmetic Bag

Sorority girls trying on makeup from their greek lettered cosmetic bags

Every girl needs a chic cosmetic bag for being on the go! Not only do our makeup totes help to keep things organized, they can also double as a great gift to fill with candy and other goodies! Check out Alyssa Revecho’s Youtube video for some more inspo on ways to make this gift oh so special.

Gift Set

Big little gift set of coffee mug, note cards, and decal

If you’re looking for a quick all-in-one solution, consider a Big/Little gift set customized to perfection for your Little. Our packages include a mug, note cards, and a decal of your choice all wrapped up in a pretty basket!

The most important gift of all is making your Little feel welcome into your sorority! No matter what’s in your basket, your Little will be so excited to have someone as special as you to help her get acquainted with college life.

Posing sorority sisters

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