Chic Dorm Makeover at Texas State University

Remember when we shared Skylar Bantz's dramatic freshman dorm transformation last year? Just to jog your memory, her drab-to-fab dorm room was featured by Teen Vogue, Elite Daily, and (many) others. This year, Skylar and her mom Sheila are back with ANOTHER fabulous makeover that's getting lots of press...again! 

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Since we last interviewed this mother-daughter duo, Skylar went Greek and pledged Delta Zeta at Texas State University! As soon as we saw Skylar's sophomore dorm posted on Instagram, we knew we had to share a blog update. Skylar's new space, which she shares with roommate and sorority sister Katie Clark, features feminine details and subtle hints of pink and green as a nod to their shared Delta Zeta sisterhood. Floral wall decals, a plush lounge area, and gold decorative accents make their room feel like anything but a dorm room.

Read on for our interview with mom Sheila about how they created this year's look, where they shopped, what items from Skylar's freshman dorm they kept and left behind, a fabulous DIY makeup mirror tutorial, and more!


Go behind the scenes of Skylar's chic residence hall makeover at Texas State University!

Sorority Packets: What did you learn after last year’s transformation that helped you create this year’s look?

Sheila: "I ordered a lot online this year, whereas last year I was shopping at stores. This year I got a video of the room and that really helped me see the space in real time— photos can be deceiving, so the video really helped this year. I was able to do a layout of the room and purchase 90% of the items on Wayfair.com. They have an amazing return policy as well as free shipping. I had most of the items this year delivered to the Delta Zeta sorority house that way I did not have to store it in our home and did not have to travel with it."

What items did you keep from Skylar’s freshman dorm?

"We were actually able to sell almost everything from our last room that we did. Aside from the staples (sheets, extension cords, lights, and desk organizing), the only items we brought back were the coffee station, closet storage system, vacuum cleaner, fan, and hanging mirrors." 

What items are new?

"Since we had a different theme this year all of the living room furniture is new, as well as the vanity desk and storage areas. We will most likely do what we did last year which is sell all the items as a 'package'—it works out great for the next person because it takes the guesswork out of creating a space!"

What are some of your favorite pieces/details of the room?

"I created a makeup mirror for $40! To create it, I purchased a simple mirror at T.J. Maxx that had a white-washed finished wood trim. Then I went to Walmart and purchased two LED 12-inch under cabinet strip lights that plug in. I used command strips to secure them on both sides of the inner part of the mirror. This created a beautiful makeup mirror with wonderful lighting for a dark space."

How has Skylar’s style evolved or changed over the last year?

"Skylar has always been consistent with her style. We say she has an old soul—she prefers a classic, fresh look with classic furnishings, elegant wallpaper, beautiful simple curtains, vintage accents, and soft color schemes. I always want to make sure that the space feels simple and not overdone or stuffy. It’s important that the room reflects her personality and style."

 Any other thoughts, tips, or advice for other moms and daughters working on creating the perfect dorm room transformation?

"When searching online make sure that they have free shipping as well as a free return shipping policy. Take advantage of using stickers on the walls, such as adhesive murals, fire-retardant wallpaper, and contact paper. If your dorm room does not allow this, you can also print off a pattern on your computer and tape it to the wall to give the same illusion. Make sure that the furniture is petite in size so that it doesn’t overpower the room. A lot of dorm rooms are small and you do not want furniture that is too large or tall to overpower the room. For example, when looking for a coffee table, make sure that it is narrow—there is no need for a large coffee table in a dorm room. Instead of a couch, opt for a petite love seat. It will give you the illusion of a couch but is just a bit smaller."


Time put into the transformation: 7 hours 

Total cost: $600 (the living room totaled $400, and the custom vanity cost $200 to create) 


Couch, vanity, living room table, floral wall stickers: wayfair.com 

White desk chair with gold legs: amazon.com 

White desk chair monogram logo: Etsy

Flower wall squares: shopwildthings.com

Small decorative items and accents: Dollar Tree, TJ Maxx, and Amazon


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