Things to Avoid When Creating Your Sorority Packets + Sorority Resume

Unicorns are hot right now. Like, Lisa Frank in the 90s status hot. But when it comes to creating a sorority packet or sorority resume, we recommend leaving this particular magical creature behind on your design.

Don't get us wrong, we're all about originality—we LOVE seeing orders come through for our one-of-a-kind packet designs! And we know that all-unicorn-everything is literally everywhere right now (hello, Starbucks unicorn frappuccino blowing up our Instagram). BUT...the unicorn is also the official symbol of Delta Phi Epsilon. Meaning other houses might read more into your design than you intended, and assume you included the emblem on your rush stationery as a way of showing advance preference for D Phi E. Yikes!

Now, we know that very few of you would accidentally incorporate some of the more obscure sorority symbols into your sorority packet and sorority resume designs—looking at you, Alpha Gamma Delta squirrel. But letterhead embellished with anchors (the symbol of Delta Gamma + Alpha Sigma Tau), arrows (Pi Phi), quatrefoil patterns (Phi Mu), crowns (Zeta + Alpha Sigma Alpha), and fleur-de-lis (Kappa) 100% IS out there. With that said, we've put together a chart detailing the most commonly used symbols, mascots, and color schemes for every single sorority in the National Panhellenic Conference. Reference this guide when customizing your packet design to avoid unintentional sorority snafus this fall! 

It's worth mentioning that many sororities also claim certain jewels, flowers, and secondary mascots as symbols of their sisterhood. Don't worry about those too much, though—we've included the most commonly used/recognized symbols for each sorority on our graphic which should be MORE than enough to ensure that your packet stands out in the most neutral way possible. ;) 

PS: Need a little jump start on creating your own sorority resume? We'd love for you to download our 100% FREE (editable with Microsoft Word) resume template! Feel free to tweak the color palette to match your style, and stop by this blog post for more details about the type of information we recommend including. 


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  • Sorority Packets

    Thanks Madeline! Many sororities claim multiple symbols, but for the purpose of this graphic we chose to include select symbols and/or mascots depending on what we felt was most commonly used. We appreciate your input and are so glad you stopped by!

  • Madeline B

    I’m a Kappa Delta and this is partially incorrect. While, yes, the nautilus shell is one of our symbols, so is the dagger and a diamond shape

  • Sorority Packets

    Hi Kelly! Thanks for stopping by and sharing with us! We used a combination of symbols and mascots on our chart based on what we felt was most frequently (or most likely to be) used. We appreciate your tip, it’s such a great reminder to PNMS to research symbols, mascots, AND colors before committing to a packet design! xo

  • Kelly K

    I’m in Delta Zeta and the symbol is incorrect; our symbol is the Roman lamp and our mascot is the turtle.

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