How to Stand Out with a Digital Sorority Packet

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Just when you thought the world couldn’t get any more technologically savvy, 2020 hit and proved us all wrong! We’ve learned that almost everything can be made digital these days (including school, work and even events) and have shifted the way we do things in order to keep others safe. When it comes to sorority recruitment, changes have been made at many universities with this in mind!

As you prep for rush this upcoming spring or fall, consider digital sorority packets as a fun, simple and efficient option! While standard sorority packets can still be sent to many chapters, digital packets are great too - and it never hurts to send both. After all, we all are accustomed to digital life!

So if a lot of PNMs are sending a digital sorority packet, how will yours stand out amongst the sea of resumes and cover letters? Check out our tips below!

Choose a Unique Design

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No one is going to remember a resume or cover letter that looks the same as everyone else’s. Say goodbye to the black + white + boring template and hello to a little color and a lot of personality! If you have an eye for design, our fully editable sorority templates let you choose a look that’s right for you and simply customize/personalize. Available for Microsoft Word or Pages, these editable templates are totally irresistible.

Use Your Voice

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It can be easy to get caught up in what you think a resume and cover letter should sound like and quickly lose how YOU actually sound! While it’s important to fit the essential facts in (check out this blog for all the deets), don’t be afraid to showcase your voice in an authentic way with a little extra flair. Sororities will remember the girl who was herself!

Be Detailed

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People remember things better with details. Instead of simply listing out generic things about yourself, dig a little deeper to reveal what’s really special! What makes you, YOU? These details will help differentiate yourself and bring you one step closer to finding your forever home.

Update Social Media

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In this digital world we live in, social media plays a big part. Whether you like it or not, a sorority might go to your social media accounts after reading your sorority packet to learn a little more about you. Make sure your social media displays what you want them to know and stays true to who you are!


Chic Initial Sorority Packet

After you send your digital sorority packet to alum, your work is not completely over! Take the time to follow up a few weeks later to ensure the information was received and ask if they need anything else. If necessary, follow up with a printed sorority packet too. This will allow you to stand out amongst other PNMs and keep your name at the top of their mind!


How to Stand Out With Digital Sorority Packets

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