I Don't Know Anyone in a Sorority...Will I Still Get a Bid?

Written with love by Alina O'Donnell 

Connections, connections, connections! Making connections may be super important when applying for future internships or jobs, but they are a totally different story when it comes to sorority recruitment. You don’t need to have connections before going through recruitment, but rather should focus on the chance to make connections throughout the process. Sorority recruitment is not about who you KNOW, it’s about who you ARE!

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When I first came to TCU all the way from Illinois, I didn’t know a single person. I chose to go through recruitment in hopes of finding a group of friends I could lean on when I was homesick and create a new home for myself in Texas. However, I was also scared that not having any connections in Greek life would prevent me from getting a bid. This was not the case—and I’m so grateful for it!

Greek life is designed to help you meet people, and in order to find your best fit, it is so important to be yourself throughout the recruitment process. When you’re being yourself, you can connect with people you have things in common with! Sororities look for individuals who have personalities, interests, and values that align well with their chapter as a whole. Although it might feel reassuring to go into recruitment knowing someone in a sorority, it's best to focus on the connections you are going to make throughout the process and not the ones you already have. You can do it all on your own! By having meaningful conversations and making it a goal to connect on a deeper level, you will find your fit!

Not knowing anyone prior to recruitment also allowed me to have a completely open mind throughout the process. I had no preconceived opinions about any of the sororities and was able to decide which houses were best for me based solely on the conversations I had in each house. I based my decisions on the connections I made during recruitment week and followed my gut instinct—and I am so glad that I did! I ended up in a house with supportive sisters and found my home away from home all on my own.

It’s okay to be nervous about not knowing anyone in Greek life, but remember that the majority of people going through recruitment alongside you don’t know anyone either. Don’t forget to talk with people around you going through recruitment too! I met some of my best friends during rush week by starting a conversation while standing in line before going into a house and bonding over random things. The experience is what you make of it! If you stay true to your authentic self, you’ll end up where you’re meant to be! I’m so glad that my nerves didn’t get the best of me, and I can truly say that sorority life has been one of the greatest parts of my college career.

About the Blogger: Alina is a recent graduate of Texas Christian University and served as a former Public Relations Chair for her sorority, Alpha Delta Pi. Follow Alina on Instagram: @alina_odonnell

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