Perks of Living in the Sorority House

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College should feel like your home away from home! While there are many great living options on and off campus, you will more than likely be given the chance to live in your sorority house at some point during college. You may shy away from Greek living due to crazy stereotypes shown in movies, but it’s actually one of the best experiences you can have! Check out some of the perks of living in the sorority house below.


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Going to the dining hall can sometimes be a pain! In many sorority houses, breakfast, lunch and dinner are a part of the living package. Whether it’s an in-house chef or a fully-stocked pantry and fridge at all times, you won’t have to go all the way to the dining hall for every single meal. On top of this convenience, you’ll always have a sister to eat with and will never have to worry about eating alone! It really feels like home.

Getting Away from Campus Life

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While every day college life is great, it can be nice to escape and have a place to unwind without the distraction of campus. Sorority houses are close to school but typically located away from the hustle and bustle of it all. No need to worry about loud events on the quad keeping you up at night or early morning campus maintenance. Living in the sorority house provides the perfect balance!

Cozy Study Areas

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There’s no denying that long nights at the library can wear you down. A dorm room or small apartment might not offer a comfortable space for studying, but a sorority house is filled with common areas for late nights in or early morning cram sessions! Plus, you’ll be close to your bed, snacks and study necessities at all times.

Living with your Best Friends

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Your sorority sisters are going to become like family. From sisterhood events watching movies on the couch to holiday celebrations spent around the fire, always something fun happening at the sorority house! If you’re already there’s hanging out with your sisters every day, why not live together too?

The Full Sorority Experience

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Living in the sorority house means living close to everything Greek! When you’re in the heart of it all, you’ll never miss a beat. We know that living with a ton of girls can seem overwhelming, but you’ll get the chance to spend time with people who are just like you! Baking cookies in the kitchen, staying up and watching The Bachelor marathons and even laundry parties are memories that you’ll cherish forever after living in the sorority house. Take a chance and embrace sorority life to the fullest!


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