Sorority Recruitment Advice for Moms: How to Support Your Daughter During Rush Week!

We spend a lot of time talking directly to girls preparing to go through sorority recruitment, and most of our blog posts and Sorority Scoop newsletters are focused on what the process looks like from a rushee's perspective. Which makes sense, right? This is YOUR rush experience, and we want to do everything we can to help you knock it out of the park. But with that said, we recognize that there's another party who has vested interest in the outcome of your rush week. 

From the first day of Kindergarten to the first round of rush, she's the one you've always trusted to help pick out the perfect outfit. She gives the best advice, so naturally she's the best person to debrief with after every recruitment party. She's been there every step of the way throughout your life, so more likely than not, she's going to experience the emotional highs and lows of sorority recruitment right alongside you. She's your momma, and today's blog post is all about her!

Many thanks to Phi Mu alumna Sherrye Röell for sharing three fantastic tips with us about how moms can support their daughters during the sorority recruitment process. Sherrye's daughter, Audrey, just became a New Member of Phi Mu at Auburn University—we love the special bond these two share!

Three Ways to Support Your Daughter During Sorority Recruitment

1. LEGACY OF LOVE. "First, if your daughter is a legacy, she is probably wanting to follow in your footsteps, and that puts pressure on her to make you happy. Legacy status is not as important as it was when you were in school (way back when), so given the uncertainty, it's all the more important for her to consider and give all the sororities a fair chance. Realize that she needs to find the right place for her. These will be her friends, not yours, and she wants and needs you to be unbiased in your feedback as you encourage her along. Even a few misplaced words can impact her opinions, so be careful what you say. This is her college experience and chapters are different at different schools, and even in different years at the same school. Encourage her to put aside any preconceived ideas and really keep an open mind, be herself, and have fun at each party." 

2. EXPERT EVALUATIONS. "Suggest that your daughter takes notes after each party, or keep a chart where she awards points based on criteria important to her. Then, at the end of each day when she tabulates the points, she may be surprised by the sororities in her top five or 10! This also will make it easier for her to make cuts, because after 18 Ice Water Teas (an Auburn tradition) it's hard to remember the moments and people at each sorority. She can be confident that she is making the correct decisions, as her own notes and chart won't lie." 

3. DRESS FOR SUCCESS. "A week or two before Recruitment begins, have your daughter organize her outfits in individual garment bags. Label each bag according to each day's party, such as Day 1: Ice Water Tea, and so on. Include accessories and any special undergarments and shoes. The first week of recruitment is super stressful and not having to wonder about what to wear each day can be reassuring. In addition, I personally do not suggest running out and buying new outfits. Look at dresses your daughter has worn to previous school dances, church, and birthday dinners. No one is going to recognize or judge that she has worn it before, as she most likely will be surrounded by hundreds of self-conscious girls. When my own daughter told me she felt pretty in a dress she had previously worn, I knew she had chosen the right dress for preference night. Your daughter's personality and confidence will shine through when she isn't preoccupied with her clothing. Also, she can spend extra time on her hair and makeup knowing her outfits are already ready." 

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