Three Photos to Include in Your Sorority Packets

Ladies, we've got news for you that might come as somewhat of a surprise.

While rush week (and the first semester of your Freshman year in COLLEGE) might still be far away, you should begin compiling a Recruitment Information Packet that sororities won’t be able to resist between December-early April of your senior year. Yep, we know that many of you still haven’t taken your senior portraits yet. Yep, we know that you probably won’t start mailing your packets until April, May, or later in the summer. But, from our experience in creating custom sorority packets for previous seniors turned sorority sisters, we know that it takes a ton of time to get organized and pull everything together…without feeling like you're going to pull your hair out.

With that said, let’s review a few of the basics when it comes to getting ahead of the game for sorority recruitment! Did you know that each packet you send as a Potential New Member should be comprised of the following *essentials?

  • Large envelopes

  • Postage

  • Label stickers

  • 1-2 résumés

  • 1-2 copies of your high school academic information

  • 1-2 copies of your ACT and/or SAT scores

  • Cover letter

  • Three pictures

  • Letter of recommendation

*Be sure to check each sorority’s website and your Panhellenic website for specific requirements! Some schools will accept digital versions of the aforementioned items, so do your research in advance and you might be able to save on postage fees.

Today let's focus on the three photographs most sororities will ask you to include in your information packet. As a photographer, naturally this is the part of recruitment Crystal gets most excited about! Let’s break down the three image types sorority houses frequently request:

  1. The Headshot: A close-up image that keeps the focus on your beautiful, smiling face! We recommend going with a natural hair and makeup look for your sorority packet headshots, but if a red lip feels most like you, then go for it!

  2. The Three-Quarter Shot: An image that’s slightly zoomed out, and focused primarily on your upper body and gorgeous face. Put a hand on your hip, toss your hair over your shoulder, and show off your favorite top!

  3. The Full Body Shot: A completely zoomed out image that gives you the chance to show off your personal style in an environment that feels comfortable for you! While taking senior portraits in your prom dress or letter jacket is so much fun, these aren’t the best options for your sorority packet photos. We recommend posing in an outfit that’s similar in style (although not identical) to what you might wear during recruitment week. This will make it easy for members of each sorority to immediately identify you and strike up a conversation!

It’s so important to remember this, ladies: the purpose of including images with your packet is NOT for sororities to judge you. These images are meant to help members recognize you and recall the information included in your packet—all the things you love, the groups you’ve been involved with, the volunteer work you’ve done, and those hard-earned (incredible) grades you’re going to end senior year with!



  • Bridget

    Would it be reasonable to print a card with all 3 images on it (like a 5×7 or slightly larger heavy stock) or is there preference for 3 individual prints?

  • Sorority Packets

    Hey Alex! If sending by email, you will definitely want to send web-size images. Here is a link to a great online image optimizer (we suggested downloading at the “Compact” size): https://www.shopify.com/tools/image-resizer

  • Alex

    What is the recommended size of the photos?

  • Sorority Packets

    Hi Patty! That is totally a personal preference—we always recommend going with an outfit choice that you feel comfortable in and really reflects your personality/style. We do suggest staying away from submitting pictures in formal gowns, such as a prom or evening/pageant dress. Sundresses are great! We hope this helps!

  • Patty

    Should I be wearing a dress in my photos to make them a little more formal rather than say boots and dark jeans?

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