What Sorority Recruitment is Really Like at Texas Christian University | PART 2

Written with love by Alina O'Donnell 

Now that you have a better idea of what goes down at TCU during sorority recruitment, you should know that there are struggles throughout the process too. It’s a long week that takes a lot out of you, but it’s super rewarding at the end of it all! With the help of some of my fellow class of 2019 graduating sorority members, I’m going to share some more information to help you out!

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What are some rumors you heard about sorority recruitment at TCU prior to recruitment week?

  • “I didn’t hear any rumors. I went in blind because I wanted to have an open mind. My mom is a legacy at TCU so I had some idea of what recruitment would be like, but it definitely helped me along the way to live in the moment.”—Abby 
  • “I heard rumors that they look up your parents’ income which is totally crazy to me thinking back on it now. That is SO not true!”—Katie
  • “Once I got to campus I heard a lot of scary things because everyone around me had a lot of anxiety too. I tried not to listen to everyone else’s opinions and had an open mind.”—Elise

What was your least favorite part of sorority recruitment at TCU?

  • “The waiting and the breaks throughout the process were really difficult. It built up a lot of anxiety because I got in my head between rounds and started overthinking things.”—Abby
  • “My least favorite part was waking up early and being so tired because of it. When I went through recruitment I really liked it overall because I like talking to people!”—Katie
  • “The waiting periods were tough because the days were designed where you would go to one house and then wait three to four hours before you went to your next one. It got worse throughout the week and wasn’t easy because girls would compare themselves to others.”—Elise

What are some of the misconceptions about sorority recruitment at TCU?

  • “I thought you had to look a certain way to be in certain sororities. Like the top tier sororities I thought you had to look straight out of the salon perfect. I learned throughout my four years that this wasn’t the case.”—Abby
  • “I was a Rho Gamma and I had to remind the girls in my group that sororities during recruitment look SO much different than they do when you’re in that sorority. Just like you’re putting on your best self to impress them, they’re doing the same. You shouldn’t feel intimidated because of it!”—Katie
  • “I know girls really freak out about what to wear each day and what their hair looks like, and those are not things people focus on when they’re talking to you. I wish I knew that when I was going through the process.”—Elise


Do a lot of girls drop out of recruitment at TCU? Do a lot of girls get cut?

  • “I would say that people drop out because they don’t know or like the process which is really sad. There are girls who do get cut because there are a lot of girls who go through recruitment, and it can be competitive. But it’s so worth it!”—Abby
  • “More girls drop out themselves than get cut. They put all their chips in one basket and if they don’t get asked back the shock makes them want to not go through the next day.”—Katie
  • “TCU is really competitive and everyone has a good GPA and is super involved. So you really have to differentiate yourself based on personality and put yourself out there because there are so many girls.”—Elise

What was your favorite part of sorority recruitment at TCU?

  • “My favorite part was honestly ending up where I did. I’m so grateful for my college experience and my sorority was a big part of it. It sounds cliche, but I'm so glad I trusted the process. No matter where you end up, you can make the most of your situation!”—Abby
  • “I liked being able to see what the girls at TCU were like in general and seeing the personalities of the older girls in the houses. It was nice to see that I was able to make a lot connections before even starting school and it made me feel comfortable to be there.”—Katie
  • “I still have friends from my recruitment group who are in other sororities and it was a great experience that way! You also talk to a lot of girls who share commonalities with you so it felt like little bits of home when I first came to college.”—Elise

Advice for those wanting to join a sorority at TCU?

  • “Don’t read the Greek life rankings online! They mean absolutely nothing. You don’t know the sorority until you’re in it. When you’re meeting girls, you’re going to click with some and not click with others. If you go in with an open mind the process will work the way it is supposed to!”—Abby
  • “Truly keep an open mind because it works out if you want it to work out. You’re going to find girls in every sorority that you’ll want to be friends with. They’re all more similar than than you think and you can find the qualities you’re looking for in any of the sororities here at TCU.”—Katie
  • “The process is SO worth it. I’m glad I was in a sorority during my time at TCU. I have my best friends from there and even if it was one week I didn’t love, it paid off in the end.”—Elise

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About the Blogger: Alina is a recent graduate of Texas Christian University and served as a former Public Relations Chair for her sorority, Alpha Delta Pi. Follow Alina on Instagram: @alina_odonnell

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