What to do for Sorority Recruitment in March-May

It’s here—the second installment of our sorority recruitment timeline! If you’re late to the party (or just working through this whole pre-recruitment thing on your own, without adhering to the typical deadlines provided by an alumnae Panhellenic), be sure to read through our January + February checklist before beginning. All set? Let’s dig in and start checking things off!



  • Register with your local alumnae Panhellenic organization. Even if you missed out on attending an informational meeting held by your local alumnae Panhellenic, the women who are members of these organizations can help provide you with crucial letters of recommendation. Be sure to register as soon as possible.
  • Finalize the list of sorority alumnae who will write your letters of recommendation. Make sure you have identified an alumnae of every single sorority house currently on your college campus. Missing a few representatives? Go back to step one—alumnae Panhellenic organizations can help you fill in the blanks! Asking mom to put out a Facebook call is another great way to round up recs. (Find more details about how to gather recs WITHOUT the aid of an alum Panhellenic here.) In addition to creating a list of names, be sure to document each woman’s mailing address, email address, and phone number so that you can send her a thank you letter after she has completed your recommendation. 
  • Request your academic information from your student services office with your SAT or ACT scores noted… and then make enough copies (front and back) for all of the alumnae on your list. Unofficial academic information works fine—if you do use this, be sure to mark through any personal information (like your SS number) with a Sharpie. Every single Recruitment Information Packet you send should include a copy of your academic information and SAT/ACT scores. Don’t forget to include Dual Credit courses you’ve taken at a community college that will apply toward your degree! Helpful Hint: Do not wait to request academic information until your information is final. By this point, you may be submitting your information too late for sorority recruitment deadlines. If your academic rank or grades change drastically, you can always get in touch with your letter-writers by phone or email to give an update.
    • Finalize your resume. If you haven’t done so already, go back through and add any new awards and honors you gained during the fall semester + update your GPA, class rank, and community service information.
    • Personalize your cover letters. Using the generic cover letter you’ve already developed as your guide, go back through and personalize your letters with the name of each alumnae on your list + a few personal words of greeting.
    • Select and print the photos you will include with your Recruitment Information Packet. Sororities typically request 3 types of photographs—a headshot, three-quarter shot, and a full body shot (read more details here). If you will be printing professional photos from your senior portrait session, you will need to obtain a print release form from your photographer before submitting your order to a print lab. Finally, don’t forget to label the back of each photo with your name, hometown, and high school—we include adorable, branded photo labels with every one of our Recruitment Information Packet designs, by the way!


    • Deliver your Recruitment Information Packets. Whether you’re sending your packets by mail or dropping them off in person, make it a goal to distribute your packets by April 1. The more time you give for completing a RIF or a LOS, the better—each woman is responsible for turning in her completed recommendation to her alumnae reference chairman (if you’re working with an alumnae Panhellenic to obtain references) and/or forwarding your information to the sorority house you have indicated on your pre-addressed, pre-stamped envelope. NOTE: Again, if you are not working with an alumnae Panhellenic to gather recs, or if you're planning to round up a few extras this summer on your own, your submission deadline will be the date listed on your university Panhellenic's website. This is usually in June-ish, but double check your university's website to be sure!
    • Keep an eye on your university’s Panhellenic website, and mark their recruitment registration date on your calendar. Most universities do not open up recruitment registration until early summer, but you should begin checking your university Panhellenic’s website now (and/or contact their office directly) to ensure that you are aware of the deadline. Keep in mind that registering with a local alumnae Panhellenic is NOT the same as registering for recruitment through your university!
    • Write and send thank you letters to the women providing you with RIFs and Rec Letters. A good rule of thumb is to send your thank you notes 2 weeks after dropping off your packet. Read more about how to thank the women writing your recommendations right here.


    • Reference Deadline. May 1 is the submission deadline for many alumnae reference committees, so be sure to provide your letter-writers with this information. (And of course, be sure to check your own local alumnae Panhellenic website to verify your exact deadline!) If you are NOT obtaining letters and references through a local alumnae Panhellenic, be sure to check the submission deadline provided by your university’s Panhellenic and pass this information on to your letter-writers.

    As always, we know how busy this season can be. If you’re in need of a little kickstart, be sure to download our FREE recruitment resume template—the color palette and text can be edited using Microsoft Word, so feel free to make it your own! We'd also love for you to download our FREE comprehensive checklist. Make it yours by clicking the button below!

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