Deferred Recruitment + Rushing as a Sophomore

We've talked a lot about how to create and format a sorority resume + how to assemble and deliver sorority packets. What we haven't talked about yet? Those of you who are doing all of this outside of the "standard" recruitment timeline. So today we're going to touch on two things: rushing as a sophomore and deferred formal recruitment (also known as spring rush).  


A question that's been particularly reoccurring in our inboxes lately: "Do I have to use my high school information on my sorority resume, personal stickers, etc?"

Our answer: yes and no! If you will be rushing as a sophomore or junior, you will probably still want to include a few of your most stand-out community service endeavors, awards, and activities from high school. In terms of academic information, you will at least need to include your graduating high school, graduation year, and final GPA. This will give the women writing your recommendations (and the women in each sorority house) a well-rounded picture of the journey you've been on prior to rush. With that said, all of this information should be placed beneath your most current collegiate academic information and achievements, which should "lead off" in every category. Here's a quick example:


Texas Christian University | Fort Worth, Texas | Class of 2020
Major: Business | Current GPA: 3.7 

High School
Grapevine Christian School | Grapevine, Texas | Class of 2016
Cumulative GPA: 3.9 | ACT Composite Score: 27

When it comes to the other items included in our complete sorority packet suites—thinking particularly of our personal stickers here—simply substitute your college information for the high school and hometown information showcased on our samples. Your personal sticker (used to label the backs of your headshots and/or seal envelopes) might look something like this:

Paisley Nicole Morrison
Texas Christian University '20


Where are our SMU and Baylor girls? We'll go ahead and use your universities as examples, since both schools implement a deferred recruitment model. Last year Baylor's recruitment registration deadline fell in November, with recruitment formally beginning in January. Similarly, SMU hosts mandatory pre-recruitment meetings throughout the fall before beginning recruitment in the spring. Last year, the registration deadline fell in October with rush beginning in January.

Two informative articles about the differences between traditional and deferred recruitment:

Although you technically have some extra time when it comes to gathering RIFs and Letters of Support, we can't overemphasize the importance of preparing your sorority packets now! Take advantage of your slower summer schedule and use this time to create a draft of your sorority resume and cover letter. Research the sororities housed on your campus and begin compiling a list of alumnae willing to complete a reference on your behalf. Keep an eye on your university's Panhellenic website so that you're aware of all recommendation regulations, mandatory meetings, and registration deadlines. By beginning the process early, you'll avoid the stress of gathering last-minute recs while navigating your first semester in college.  

Looking for more information about Deferred Recruitment? Stop by this blog post! 

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