Do you still need to send printed sorority packets? Sorority Packet Mythbusters!

We're sure you've already noticed this, but there's A LOT of information floating around on blogs and Pinterest about the sorority recruitment process. And guess what? Not all of it is current, and not all of it is factual. In fact, a lot of it is just plain old opinions.

As if the sorority recruitment process wasn't confusing enough already. Right?

It's easy to say, "Sorority recruitment shouldn't be this stressful" and "We didn't do things this way when I went through recruitment"—but the reality is that the process has changed, and the recruitment environment is different than it used to be. That's why we work as hard as we do to interview Alumnae Panhellenic representatives and current collegians, stay up-to-date with the latest changes to the sorority recruitment process, and reference verified resources like The Sorority Life, a website produced by the National Panhellenic Conference. 

With that said, let's spend some time today doing a little "mythbusters" work. Are the following statements fact, or fiction? Let's find out! 

STATEMENT 1: Actual sorority members will never see your sorority packet. Your folder and sorority packet are only used by the alumnae writing your letters of recommendation.

This one, for the most part, is FALSE. While it is true that sorority packets are first used by alumnae in order to give a well-rounded recommendation, many alumnae will then forward the printed contents of your rec packet—your resume, three photographs, and academic information—on to the VP Membership of their sorority's chapter on your college campus. We recommend providing alumnae with a printed and digital copy of your social resume and other materials to ensure that it is seen by chapter members. If you would like for the alumnae to send your ENTIRE packet to the chapter, including your personalized folder, it is your responsibility to provide a pre-addressed stamped envelope that is sized to fit the contents of your packet. It doesn't hurt to note this request in your cover letter, either. 

STATEMENT 2: You don't need to send printed packets anymore. Sororities only accept digital resumes and academic information.

Again, this one is FALSE. While some sororities accept digital/electronic recommendations, others prefer to only receive this information via snail mail. Here's how the Recruitment Registration Chair of the Mid-Cities Alumnae Panhellenic Organization put it: "First of all, your organized thoughts are used by the alumnae to put the best and most complete info into their digital submission. Secondly, some chapters accept the paper documents mailed from the alumnae, in addition, to supplement the digital info. And third, it is really more professional and courteous to present an alumna with complete printed resume/academic information/photos as well as a nice cover letter when you ask them if they can help you with a recommendation."

Read more from our Alumnae Panhellenic interview here.
Read (way) more about electronic sorority packet submissions right here.

STATEMENT 3: The information on your social resume matters more than the way it looks.

This is TRUE. And guess what the most important information on your resume happens to be? Your grades. We will dive deeper into this as recruitment week approaches, but in short, grades matter. Here's how our collegiate blogger Caroline, a senior member of Delta Gamma at the University of Alabama, put it in a recent post: "Many chapters have a minimum GPA that's required in their bylaws, which means they are not allowed to carry you forward in the recruitment process if you do not meet those requirements. These specific numbers and scores are confidential and vary between each chapter, so they will not be published on the Panhellenic website. A good goal is the Panhellenic's recommended GPA." ACTION STEP: Look on your college's Panhellenic website to see what the recommended overall GPA is so that you have an idea of what you should aim for. 

Last but not least, can we just get real for a second?

Yes, we sell sorority packets. But our heart and desire and the entire reason behind the existence of this business is to help by providing a service that will save you both time AND stress. We have zero interest in selling products that are unnecessary. Also, if you have the time and the desire to assemble a DIY packet on your own, go for it! We love seeing PNMs use our resources to create their own packets—that's why so much of the information we provide is 100% free and available for personal download! But if and when you find yourself thinking, Man...I just wish someone could do this for me...? Then please know that we are here for you and ready to help in any way we can. The proof is in our reviews!


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