What to Include on a Sorority Resume

We’re continuing our conversation about all things sorority recruitment with today’s post on creating the perfect sorority resume for your sorority packet. If you’re new to the blog and feeling a little overwhelmed by all the Alpha-Delta-Kappa-Panhellenic terminology, be sure to swing by the first installment of our series: The Recruitment Information Packet. All set? Let’s dive right in by breaking down a standard social resume section by section! 


  • Name
  • Address
  • Home Number
  • Cell Number
  • Email

Note: Put your name front and center at the top of your resume and make sure that it stands out. This can be accomplished by bolding your name, increasing the font size, or both! You can also get creative with your font style, but remember that readability is the most important thing. You don’t want everyone calling you Kelly if your name is actually Kylie. Just saying. Include the rest of your information (i.e. your name, address, home and cell number, and email) in a single line right below.


  • Graduating High School [include address]
  • Graduation Date
  • Class Rank
  • GPA [weighted and un-weighted]
  • Dual Credit/AP Courses
  • ACT/SAT Scores 

Note: Keep this section (and the next one) simple by just entering the necessary data. No explanations required!


  • Date of Birth
  • College Attending + Class [example: University of Texas, Class of 2023]
  • Intended Major [if known]
  • Mother [include her married and maiden name, college, degree, and occupation]
  • Father [include his name, college, degree, and occupation]


Example: Cheerleader of the Year (12)—Nominated by my cheerleading coach and the school’s Athletic Director. 

Note: Go on girl, show off all that hard work! DO include every scholastic and extracurricular achievement you can think of this side of high school along with a short description and the year the award was received. DON’T dig back into the elementary school archives. (Even though I personally think it’s amazing that you won the title of “fastest girl” in the fourth grade, it probably won’t come up in conversation during any of your sorority house visits.)

SECTION 4: LEADERSHIP ROLES (*This section can also be combined with section 3 if desired)

Example: Features Editor, Mane Event Newspaper (12)—Wrote copy for Features section of school newspaper, sold ads to local businesses, and edited classmates’ work prior to publication.

Note: Leadership roles are so(ooo) important to include on your resume. As a member of a sorority, you’ll have the opportunity to lead philanthropy events, plan mixers with other Greek groups, and so much more—current members want to know that you’re up to the task of stepping into a leadership position within the chapter one day!


  • Church Youth Group
  • Fashion Blogging
  • Newspaper Reporting
  • French Club
  • Painting
  • Club Soccer


  • Boys and Girls Club Volunteer
  • Elementary School Tutor
  • Volunteer at Children’s Medical Center—Helped children create crafts on weekends and visited with patients.

Note: Descriptions aren’t always necessary for Section 6 and Section 7. Only include them if you feel that an activity or interest requires a little extra context.


Example: Bob’s Snow Cone Stand (Grades 8-12)—Started as assistant and worked up to Head Manager by end of senior year.

Note: Don’t forget to include the length of time you’ve worked for each employer + a brief description. PS: Yes, babysitting counts!



Jane Doe, Mother: Delta Gamma, Eta Alpha Chapter, Pepperdine University ‘88

Jim Doe, Father: Delta Sigma Phi, Lambda Chapter, North Carolina State ‘87

Jenna Doe, Sister: Delta Delta Delta, Beta Phi Chapter, University of Oklahoma ‘15

Jamie Doe, Grandmother: Kappa Kappa Gamma, Sigma Chapter, Texas Tech University ‘64

Note: Sororities will look at this section to find out if you’re a legacy (i.e., if you have family ties to one or more sorority houses). Be sure to include each member of your family’s graduating college, sorority or fraternity, chapter name (if you know it), and pledge year.

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  • Jennifer Blanscet

    Should you include cousins under Greek Affiliations

  • Gina

    I should have been more clear, sorry! If the step-parent has no greek affiliation, should they be included in the personal information section? Thanks!

  • Sorority Packets

    Hi Gina! Step-parents should definitely be included—their Greek affiliations are given the same weight as biological parents.

  • Gina

    Should a social resume include step parents or only biological? Thanks!

  • Sorority Packets

    Hi Lindsey! At this time our free template is only editable with Microsoft Word.

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