How to be Memorable: Sorority Recruitment Conversation Tips!

Written with love by Alina O'Donnell 

Sorority recruitment is all about having memorable conversations! PNMs and chapter members are both on a mission to discover the perfect fit during recruitment week. In order to find your home away from home in a sorority, genuine connections are key! Here are some conversation tips for recruitment week that will help your personality shine through despite feeling a few (totally normal) jitters.

Ask open ended and thoughtful questions

During recruitment, you will be bombarded with tons of questions about yourself. Chapter members want to get to know you, but they also want to see that you are interested in them, too! When you’re approached by a chapter member, talk to her like a friend and get to know her thoughts. It’s important to remember that a conversation is a two-way street—and so is recruitment. The more questions you ask, the more you will understand what the sorority is all about and the better the connections you will make!

Live in the moment...and listen

Listening is SO important in any conversation. Stay true to who you are and let the talking flow naturally instead of rehearsing questions or memorizing your resume. Chapter members get nervous too, and they want to be able to feel like they can have a normal conversation with you. The whole point of recruitment is to see where you feel most comfortable and who you get along with best! Do your best to stay engaged in the moment rather than resorting to scripted answers or memorized lines.

Don’t talk about another sorority

There’s nobody who understands the stress of recruitment better than chapter members since they’ve already been through it! However, be respectful when you’re visiting a house and try not to bring up another sorority. Each house has worked really hard to make recruitment a great experience for you, and they want to showcase how great their sorority is! It’s okay to talk about your feelings about recruitment in general, but avoid sharing any specifics about your visits to other houses. Be kind, polite, and gracious to everyone you talk to.

Chat about things you have in common

After the basic get-to-know you questions, ask questions about the chapter member to discover what you have in common. Whether it be a music artist you both like or a snack you’re both obsessed with, finding a commonality will make you even more memorable! It’s also a great way to break the ice and keep the conversation flowing naturally.

Treat every conversation like it’s your first one

A long day of talking can cause a lot of exhaustion! You may be asked the same questions house after house and it can be difficult to keep the enthusiasm up. It’s normal to get tired after a few parties and lose some steam along the way. Keep your energy up by bringing snacks and water in your purse and doing a little mental reset before entering the next party! Enthusiasm goes a long way, so treat every conversation like it’s your first one.

Conversations during recruitment can seem endless at times. Trust the system and be true to yourself and you will end up where you’re supposed to be! Each sorority has its own way of choosing sisters, so don’t stress yourself out about the process. Be genuine, smile, and have fun through it all! It will be a time to remember.

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About the Blogger: Alina is a graduate of Texas Christian University and served as a former Public Relations Chair for her sorority, Alpha Delta Pi. Follow Alina on Instagram: @alina_odonnell

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