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How to be Memorable: Sorority Recruitment Conversation Tips!

Written with love by Alina O'Donnell  Sorority recruitment is all about having memorable conversations! PNMs and chapter members are both on a mission to discover the perfect fit during recruitment week. In order to find your home away from home in a sorority, genuine connections are key! Here are some conversation tips for recruitment week that will help your personality shine through despite feeling a few (totally normal) jitters. Ask open ended and thoughtful questions During recruitment, you will be bombarded with tons of questions about yourself. Chapter members want to get to know you, but they also want to see that you are interested in them, too! When you’re approached by a chapter member, talk to her like a...

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Don't Make These Small Talk Mistakes During Sorority Recruitment

Advice about rush week conversations—questions you might be asked, questions you should be asking, topics that are safe to bring up, topics you definitely shouldn't mention—is all over Pinterest. We already touched briefly on the five "B Words" in the first installment of Rush Advice You Shouldn't Be Taking, and today, we're continuing that conversation by sharing our take on small talk mistakes...and how to avoid them! DON'T MAKE THESE SMALL TALK MISTAKES 1. You fielded a TON of questions and shared a lot about yourself...but you can't remember the name of the person you just spent the last fifteen minutes talking to. You know what almost everyone's favorite talking point is? Themselves. And that includes the sorority women you'll be meeting this fall during rush week!...

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