Summer Sorority Recruitment Prep: How to Build a Rush Week Essentials Kit!

The sun is shining, classroom chairs have been exchanged for poolside lounges, and it's not quite time for those back-to-school Target ads to start running on TV. But we're close. Oh, yeah...we're close.
Before you know it, August will arrive and sorority recruitment will transition from a much-anticipated future event into a living, breathing experience. If you're feeling a little apprehensive about sorority recruitment, guess what? You're normal! The sorority recruitment process is still an unknown at this point (not to mention, you know, the whole leaving for college thing), and from outfit selections to conversation starters, we're guessing that there's a lot on your mind. How do we know? Because we've been there! Which is why we want to do everything we can to encourage you, help you prepare for this process, and decrease the sense of overwhelm you're likely to be experiencing right about now.
August is creeping closer every day, meaning there's no time like the present to start building a recruitment week essentials kit stocked with everything you need to stay energized, polished, and comfortable during rush week. Grab your favorite tote bag and read on for a list of items we recommend picking up on your next Target run!

1. Water bottle | 2. High-energy snack | 3. Notepad and pen (the worksheet pictured here is included with every sorority recruitment eBook purchase) | 4. Cell phone | 5. Floss | 6. Breath mints or Listerine strips (no gum in case of accidental smacking!) | 7. Deodorant | 8. Pain reliever | 9. Band-Aids | 10. Personal battery-operated fan (bladeless version show here) | 11. Oil blotting sheets | 12. Lip gloss | 13. Powder in mirrored compact | 14. Ponytail holders and/or bobby pins | 15. Hairbrush or comb | 16. Flats or sandals


I made the awful mistake of thinking that I could make it through the whole day in my heels and I was very quickly humbled. Just pack whatever shoes you find the most comfy to walk in, and you can throw on your heels before you go into the house!”

—Ashtyn, Alpha Chi Omega, 2017 graduate of The University of Texas, Austin


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  • Sorority Packets

    Bags are usually required to be left outside of the houses, where they will be watched by a Rho Chi/Gam or another recruitment advisor.

  • Meredith Roever

    What do the girls do with their tote bags while they are in the houses? Just leave them on the sidewalk?

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