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Everything You Need to Know About Electronic Sorority Recommendations

Raise your hand if this buzz about electronic sorority recommendations has you feeling 10 different kinds of confused! Sweet PNM (that's Potential New Member for the record—AKA, you), we'll be honest. We've been confused too. While Recruitment Information Packets have typically been submitted by snail mail, now more than ever before, we're seeing sororities embrace digital submissions of Recruitment Information Forms (RIFs) and Letters of Support (LOS). So let's break down what that means.  As a refresher, the purpose of a Recruitment Information Packet is to obtain at least one RIF and/or LOS for every single sorority house represented on your college campus. While all sororities do not require RIFs and LOS, they are at the very least considered a nice "bonus" by most houses. Why? Because receiving...

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