Choosing Colors for Your Sorority Recruitment Packets

When submitting your sorority packet to alumnae to gather recommendations for sorority recruitment, it’s important to ensure that your social resume and cover letter accurately represent who you are and what you’re all about. As we’ve mentioned before, personal branding is the practice of developing and delivering a cohesive representation of yourself in print, online, and in person. The point? To stand out and remain memorable in situations ranging from job interviews to sorority recruitment!

Each of our sorority packet designs can be customized with your preferred design and personal details, and we also offer HUNDREDS of color combinations so that your packet is sure to stand out from the rest. Feeling overwhelmed by all the options on our color palette? Read on for color pairing tips from our award-winning designer, Jessica!

 Golden Marble sorority packet shown with Black pocket folder

While you might be tempted to design your packet using your university colors, we recommend selecting colors that best represent your personal style and taste (and avoiding common sorority colors...read this post for more details!). Take a look at the colors used on our samples, paying close attention to the way the colors contrast one another. Here are some ideas to help you get started:

  • A light and dark shade of a single color pair nicely together. Bluebell and Night (both shades of blue) come to mind, as do Plum and Grape (shades of purple). Take a look at our Delicate Lace packet to see an example!

Delicate Lace sorority packet in Plum and Grape with an Amythest pocket folder

  • Night and Pewter shine when paired with lighter colors. Try Green Tea, Peony, or Tiffany with Night, and Pool or Strawberry with Pewter. Plum pairs beautifully with both hues.

  • Don’t forget the classics: Night and White. These two colors are frequently paired together, so if you love this look, consider adding in a pop of color via your envelopes or folders to set your packet apart.

  • Our floral sorority packets feature a range of colors, which gives you lots of options to choose from when selecting an accent shade for your typography. Graceful Bouquet and Geometric Bouquet look fabulous with Plum. Bright Garden and Modern Watercolor both pair well with Peony. Fresh Paisley and Green Tea is a winning combination!

Modern Watercolor sorority packet shown in Peony with a Black Presentation Envelope and Peony pocket folder | All sorority recruitment portraits by Love, Me Photography



  • Try Plum with Night, Grape, or Pewter.
  • Green Tea works well with Night, Pewter, and Tangerine.
  • Hot pink Peony plays nice with Night, Green Tea, Sea Glass, Pool, and Fog.
  • Softer Blossom is a lovely complement to Strawberry and Pewter.
  • Tiffany is striking next to Night, Blossom, Papaya, and Pool.
  • Bluebell is the perfect accent for Night and Pewter.

After selecting your custom stationery colors, you will have the opportunity to polish your sorority packet presentation by adding on pocket folders, envelopes, or both! Our folders and envelopes come in a variety of vibrant hues that perfectly complement our sorority packet designs and are sure to pop in any mail pile.

Pocket Folder Colors

From Back: White, Pewter, Papaya, Night, Green Tea, South Beach, Tiffany, Plum, Peony, Blossom (Fog and Bluebell also available)

Presentation Envelope Colors

From Top Left: Black, Red, Kraft, Night, Curry | From Top Right: White, Chartreuse, Pool, Bluebell, Blossom


Excellent folder and envelope combinations are Green Tea with Peony; Peony with Sea Glass, Pool, or Fog; Blossom with Tiffany; Tiffany with Papaya or Pool.

Lattice Monogram sorority packet in Pool and Night shown with a Kraft presentation envelope

PS: If you’d like more guided assistance in selecting colors or are looking for a sorority packet design that’s 100% unique to you, don’t forget that we also offer one-of-a-kind packet design! By selecting this option, you’ll have the opportunity to work directly with Jessica to design your sorority packet. Full resume formatting is included with every order, making custom packets the crème de la crème of our service offerings. Click here for more details!

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