Sorority Recruitment Mythbusters: Sponsorship Forms, Personal Connections, and Cut Criteria!

In the last Mythbusters post, we tackled the facts and the fiction of printed sorority packets. Is it worth your time to send out a printed packet rather than digital? Who will read them when it’s all said and done?

As summer deadlines approach, let’s move on to the topic of sponsorship forms and what kind of personal connections and criteria you will or won’t need to get into a sorority. What’s a myth and what’s not? Let’s find out!

Sorority recruitment at the University of Alabama | Alabama Delta Gamma

STATEMENT 1: The same person can’t write you a RIF (Recruitment Information Form) and a LOS (Letter of Support).

This statement is FALSE. Don’t limit your chances by asking for one or the other from alumnae. After all, you can’t know for certain whether they will provide you with one document, let alone both! At the very minimum, it’s recommended that you obtain a recommendation from at least one alumna of every sorority on your campus...but asking for two or three doesn’t hurt.

STATEMENT 2: It’s who you know in the sororities, and that’s all that matters, so don’t bend over backward to get RIFs and LOS. 

Again, this statement is FALSE. Many sororities actually require a potential new member to be supported by a RIF/sponsorship form before they can offer a bid. Don’t let that fact scare you, though; a chapter member can sponsor you if they want to extend a bid and they don’t have one on file from an alum. Why not make it as easy as possible for them to extend you a bid, though?

STATEMENT 3: Highlight the things that are most important on your resume.

This one is TRUE! Although you might think it’s best to include every single thing you’ve ever done, we recommend focusing on the areas that make you unique. Sorority members are looking for talking points, so rather than taking up all of your resume space by listing as many of your accomplishments as possible, leave yourself some room to include a short description beneath some of the interests, activities, or awards that really set you apart. If you’re an actress and you’ve been in a commercial, put that on there along with a little background information. If you have a passion for mission work and went on a mission trip to India, say so! This will give the sororities a better idea about how to help you create a strong connection within the house.

One point to remember, however, is that you should only write about your high school activities and awards. Don’t include anything from middle school! If you’re going through recruitment as an upperclassman, do include relevant collegiate activities and interests in addition to your high school information.

STATEMENT 4: If you don’t know anyone in a sorority personally, you won’t get in.

This statement is, again, FALSE. If you know someone, great! If not, though, don’t act like you’re at a disadvantage . . . because you’re not. Even if you do know members of a certain sorority, stay open-minded. When it comes to sorority recruitment, it’s more important to stay focused on making connections than it is to go in with them.

What could keep you from getting a bid are grades. (We told you in the last Mythbusters post that this topic would be popping up!) Due to national standards, many sororities have to filter out girls who don’t meet national grade requirements, no matter how many amazing they are or what other qualifications they might have. That’s not meant to be mean. Remember, Greek life is meant to be a complement to your college experience, not the experience. It shouldn’t detract from your academics. Plus, if you get in, start to struggle, and then are put on academic probation, that will keep you from being a contributing, involved member of the sorority. And that’s not what you signed up for!

As always, we’re here to make your life easier during this stressful season! If the thought of crafting the perfect cover letter and resume makes your heart race and your palms sweat, read through “How to Write a Cover Letter for Sorority Recruitment” and “What to Include on a Sorority Resume.” If you need help with design, browse our selection of complete sorority packets. You can also grab our FREE pre-recruitment workbook by clicking the button below!


  • Sorority Packets

    Hi Jennifer! Grade requirements vary from school to school as well as from chapter to chapter. For reference, in their 2019 guide book, the University of Alabama recommended that all women going through recruitment have a cumulative high school or college GPA of 3.2 or higher.

  • Jennifer Hawes

    What are the national grade requirements? And what if
    your high school doesn’t grade on a 4.0 scale? They use the actual number grade out of 100.

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