When Should I Take My Sorority Recruitment Photos?

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Sorority recruitment might seem like it’s in the distant future while you’re in the midst of planning for spring break, prom, graduation, and all of the exciting moments that come along with being a senior in high school—but it is far from it! Before the craziness of second semester senior life hits you in the upcoming weeks, take some time to slow down and prep for rush week. You’ll thank yourself later!

In the beginning months of the year, there are a few tasks you should check off your list in order to stay on track with recruitment planning. This includes cleaning up your resume, drafting a cover letter, beginning to get your Sorority Packets in order, and snapping those ever-so important sorority recruitment photos. 

Sorority recruitment photos should instantly showcase your unique personality. This is the first thing a sorority will see when they receive your information and first impressions are everything! But there’s no need to stress about getting the perfect pics. We’re here to give you all the deets with some helpful tips and tricks below!

What to Wear in Sorority Recruitment Photos

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What’s your favorite spring outfit of all time? Whether it’s a flowy dress or a denim skirt that popped into your head, THAT should be your go-to outfit for your photos. There isn’t a certain “look” or mold that you need to fit into. Choose an outfit that makes you feel confident, beautiful, and the most like YOU! With that said, these photos are NOT the time to show off your prom dress or high school sports uniform. Save those pictures for social media! If you’re still wanting style inspo, check out this Pinterest board for some trendy looks.

Hair and Makeup for Sorority Headshots

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While you want to look and feel your best in your sorority recruitment photos, it’s also important to look like you! The photos you provide are how sororities will recognize you when you walk into the sorority house on day one. If your hair is normally curly, keep it curly! If you like to wear a natural makeup look, there’s no need to add on false lashes for your photos. You’ll be the most memorable by staying true to yourself!

How to Pose in Sorority Pictures

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Some of us like to majorly overthink what we’re doing in a photo. What do I do with my hands?  Should I pop out my hip like this to look cute? Guilty as charged…but no worries. Your sorority recruitment photographer will help you create a headshot, three-quarter and full body poses that are natural, relaxed, and flattering.

When to Take Sorority Recruitment Photos

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Are you planning a senior portrait session early this spring? This is the perfect time to snap those sorority recruitment photos. Bring some extra outfits so that you can check everything off your list at once! If you previously took senior portraits in the fall and your look has changed since then (maybe you got a dramatic new haircut or came back from spring break with a nice tan), consider booking a separate sorority headshot session in early spring. In order to send out your sorority packets by May 1, you should plan on taking your photos at least a month beforehand. If you’re looking for a senior portrait and sorority recruitment photographer in the DFW area, look no further than Sorority Packets owner Crystal DelaHoz. This former TCU Chi O knows her stuff and will snap the perfect set of recruitment pictures for you!

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