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2021-2022 Sorority Recruitment Updates: Letter of Recommendation Do’s and Don'ts

While summer is just beginning, it’s actually the craziest time of the year for us… Recruitment prep season!  Over the past few months, we’ve received more questions about letters of recommendation than ever before. According to the NPC, “a sorority letter of recommendation provides an opportunity for a member of a sorority to introduce a potential new member (PNM) to her organization and a specific chapter on a campus.” We know, it’s confusing, and our blog post featuring our Rec Letters 101 pre-recruitment workbook is a great spot to glean how-to information.  However, a few things have recently changed, and we’re here to give you the full run-down of the Dos and Don'ts of rec letters in this new era...

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When Should I Take My Sorority Recruitment Photos?

Sorority recruitment might seem like it’s in the distant future while you’re in the midst of planning for spring break, prom, graduation, and all of the exciting moments that come along with being a senior in high school—but it is far from it! Before the craziness of second semester senior life hits you in the upcoming weeks, take some time to slow down and prep for rush week. You’ll thank yourself later! In the beginning months of the year, there are a few tasks you should check off your list in order to stay on track with recruitment planning. This includes cleaning up your resume, drafting a cover letter, beginning to get your Sorority Packets in order, and snapping those...

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Meet Crystal

Hi, I'm Crystal DelaHoz, a senior portrait photographer based in the Dallas-Fort Worth area of Texas. I launched SororityPackets.com in the spring of 2016 after consulting with countless senior girls and their mommas about the sorority recruitment process. This blog + our entire brand exists to guide you to and through sorority recruitment...no stress required!

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