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How to Assemble Sorority Packets Ordered from

You perfected your resume, completed your cover letter, finalized your headshot selections, and customized your sorority packet...and finally, there's a package from sitting on your doorstep. Hooray! Follow these step-by-step *instructions when you're ready to assemble your recommendation packets and send them on their way.

*If you are working with an Alumnae Panhellenic Organization to gather some or all of your letters of recommendation, be sure to check their guidelines first!


If you ordered folders and/or envelopes from our website, they will arrive separately from the rest of your sorority packet order (and are likely to arrive first). Your printed stationery will arrive at your home in bulk. After receiving your package, organize your items into individual stacks to create a sorority packet assembly line.

Suggested Stacks
Contents will vary based on individual order

  • Cover letter
  • Resume, page 1
  • Resume, page 2 
  • Transcript
  • Headshot 1
  • Headshot 2
  • Headshot 3
  • Personal stickers
  • Home address labels
  • Mailing address labels
  • Mailing Envelopes, Presentation Envelopes, and/or Pocket Folders
  • Folder stickers
  • Postage
  • Note cards and note card envelopes (Set these to the side after organizing; Thank you notes should be sent to alumnae two weeks after delivering your packets)


Review the list of women who have agreed to write you a letter of recommendation. Divide this list based on your method of delivery—by mail or in person—and start pre-addressing your mailing labels.

If you will be delivering packets in person, and would like for your rec letter writer to forward your printed packet on to the appropriate sorority house: 

Along with the contents of your sorority packet, include one (1) pre-stamped envelope that has been addressed to the appropriate sorority house on your campus. Our Presentation Envelopes are ideal for this purpose. If you are using Pocket Folders to organize your packets, you will need to include a larger pre-addressed Mailing Envelope in order for the alum to send both your folder and packet information on to the sorority house. 

FOR EXAMPLE: Let's say you are attending UT Austin and requesting a letter of recommendation from a Delta Gamma alumna. To make it as easy as possible for the DG alum to send your information to UT's Delta Gamma chapter, you will affix appropriate postage to an envelope and pre-address it with the chapter's address as follows:

Delta Gamma
Attn: Recruitment Director
2419 Rio Grande St.
Austin, TX 78705

After completing her recommendation, the DG alum will place your resume, transcript, photographs, and her RIF and/or LOS inside of the envelope you have provided and stick it in the mail. Next stop: the UT Delta Gamma sorority house!

If you will be delivering packets by mail, and would like for your rec letter writer to forward your printed packet on to the appropriate sorority house: 

Along with the contents of your sorority packet, you will need to include two (2) pre-stamped envelopes. The larger exterior Mailing Envelope should be addressed to the alumna completing your recommendation. The smaller interior Presentation Envelope should be addressed to the appropriate sorority house on your campus, stamped, and placed unsealed inside the larger Mailing Envelope so that alum can access your information before forwarding. 

NOTES: As many sororities have gone fully digital, we also recommend sending every single alumna who has agreed to write you a letter of recommendation an electronic copy of your sorority packet. To do this, simply send an email with your resume, cover letter, and transcript attached as PDFs, and your headshots attached as web-resolution JPEG files. 

Please also see this post which contains visual examples of our top-selling folder and envelope combinations.


Affix one (1) round personal sticker to the back of each of your sorority recruitment portraits.


It's time to stuff your envelopes! Each sorority packet you deliver to alumnae should contain: 

  • 1 copy of your social resume 
  • 1 copy of your high school transcript 

  • 1 copy of your ACT and/or SAT scores: There's no need to include a separate document if your scores are included on your transcript or resume.
    • Cover letter: Remember, your cover letter should be addressed to the alumna writing a recommendation on your behalf, NOT the sorority house the packet will be forwarded to.
    • Three pictures: Most sororities will ask for three photos—a headshot, a full body pose, and a three-quarter view. Again, make sure that you have affixed a personal sticker to the back of every single photo. In the event that your photos are separated from your packet, this will ensure that you can still be identified (and that your photos are reunited with the rest of your information).

    Do not seal the envelope before hand-delivering to alumnae; in order to complete your recommendation, each alumna will need to access your information before sending to the appropriate sorority house. If you would like for her to seal your envelope with a personal sticker before forwarding, include an extra personal sticker inside your envelope topped with a sticky note that says the following: “Please use this sticker to seal the outside of my envelope before mailing to the sorority house.” The same goes if you will be mailing your packets—ensure that the interior envelope containing your packet information is left unsealed so that alum can access it. The exterior Mailing Envelope, of course, can and should be sealed!

    All finished? Arrange a time to drop off your packets with alum, or stick your packets in the mail to send them out for delivery.


    It's time to work on thank you notes! We recommend sending a personal thank you note to each alum two weeks after delivering your packets. Affix a home address label to the smaller note card envelopes included with your sorority packet order, pop in a note of thanks written on one of your personal note cards, and that's've officially completed all of your pre-recruitment tasks!

    Next stop: Recruitment Week Prep!