The Ordering Process

Ready to order? Read this guide to ensure that you have everything you need (and that your questions have been answered) before beginning.


  • Decide whether or not you will require resume formatting.

    Carefully review the description listed below. If this does NOT describe you, we highly recommend allowing our professional designer to format your resume for you. 

    "My computer is equipped with Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Acrobat, and/or other professional design software. I'm well-versed in Photoshop and InDesign. My font library is stocked with a variety of typefaces that will coordinate with the packet design I've chosen. I feel confident about the prospect of digitally merging my verbiage with the custom letterhead included with my packet."

    Please Note: Resume formatting is a design service and does not include copyediting/proofreading. Like all major design companies, we will place the EXACT verbiage you submit.

    The graphic below demonstrates the difference between a professionally-formatted resume from and DIY verbiage placement. 

  • If we will be formatting for you, have a completed social resume in PDF format ready to go.

    If we will be formatting your resume for you, do not spend an ounce of time formatting it—the information is all we need! Again, resume formatting does not include copyediting/proofreading—we will place the EXACT verbiage you upload via our order form. After formatting your information to perfection our designer will send you proofs via email. This is your opportunity to request any final edits or changes. After carefully reviewing your documents and submitting your approval, your order will be moved into print production and/or delivered to you digitally via We Transfer. 

    NOTE: To save a Word document as a PDF, go to File>>Save As and choose "PDF" in the "File Format" dropdown. To save a Pages document as a PDF, go to File>>Export To and choose "PDF".

    Need help drafting a resume? You'll find our free template here.

  • Think through your cover letter options.

    We offer three options for cover letters:

    1.) We can send you blank letterhead that you can run through a printer—FREE
    2.) We can place cover letter verbiage with a generic greeting on your letterhead—FREE 
    3.) We can place cover letter verbiage with variable data personalized greetings on your letterhead—$25 EXTRA

    The difference between a "generic" cover letter and a personalized cover letter has to do with the salutation. A generic cover letter will open with a greeting such as "Hello!", while a personalized cover letter might begin with a greeting like "Dear Mrs. Johnson".

    Download our generic cover letter template here, our personalized cover letter template here, and our variable name data spreadsheet here. Both cover letter templates are fully editable using Microsoft Word, so feel free to make them your own before uploading to our order form! 

  • Decide whether or not you want a headshot embedded on the first page of your resume.

    Since you will also be sending a selection of printed headshots with your sorority packets, we do not necessarily recommend embedding a photo on your resume. However, this is completely a matter of personal preference. If this is something you want to do be sure to have a high-resolution image ready to upload at the time of your order. 

  • Think through the packet delivery process. 

    Will you be hand-delivering your packets, or will you mail your information to alumnae? Answering this question will help you determine whether or not you will need to add items such as Pocket Folders, Presentation Envelopes, and/or Booklet Envelopes to your packet order. Watch the video below for more details! 


  • Step One: Select your design.

    After working your way through the above checklist, click here to browse all of our product options. We offer multiple design choices for our sorority packet suites with endless color combinations. Don't see anything that grabs you? You also have the option of working directly with our designer to create a one-of-a-kind design that's unique to you! We promise not to resell or otherwise share/promote your design for an entire sorority recruitment season following your order placement.

  • Step Two: Fill out our order form. 

    Input your personal information, choose your favorite design, set your color scheme, add any special notes, choose the quantity of printed packets you need, and indicate whether or not you would like our designer to format your resume and place your cover letter verbiage. You will also have the opportunity to add folders and/or envelopes to your order at this time. 

  • Step Three: Await your design proofs.

    Our designer, Jessica, will send you design proofs via email within one week of placing your order (or faster, if you have selected our rush design option)! Take some time to carefully review your proofs. If you have any additional edits or changes to request, now is the time to do so. After approving your final proofs your order will move into print production and/or your digital files (PDFs of each item included in your packet) will be delivered to you via We Transfer.