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The Ordering Process

Ready to order? Read this guide to ensure that you have everything you need (and that your questions have been answered) before beginning.


Step 1: Decide which level of service is right for you. 

A.) FULL SERVICE: One-of-a-kind Sorority Packet Design + Complete Sorority Packets

Let us do the work for you! Save time AND stress by ordering a Complete Sorority Packet. No sorting through instructions, figuring out design programs, or DIY skills required. Our award-winning designer will customize your entire packet on your behalf!

You’ll begin by choosing colors for your design. From there you’ll have an entire buffet of customizations to choose from, starting with the option to add on full-service formatting of your resume and cover letter.

Ordering a Complete Sorority Packet with full-service formatting is the ideal choice for those who are:

  • Too busy to spend hours designing and perfecting their own social resume.
  • Not tech savvy or comfortable working with design programs such as Adobe Acrobat Pro. 
  • Searching for a HANDS-FREE solution to designing gorgeous and professional sorority packets.

High-quality professional printing through is also available!

Prefer to send a sorority packet that’s 100% unique? When you hire our designer to create a One-of-a-Kind Sorority Packet, absolutely NO ONE else will be able to use your design for the entire recruitment season. Click here to learn more about our exclusive One-of-a-Kind Sorority Packet design services. 


B.) SEMI-CUSTOM: Editable Sorority Packet Templates with Corjl

Editable Sorority Packet Templates with Corjl allow you to edit your own resume text, font colors, and the colors of some design elements used throughout your packet. 

Our Editable Sorority Packet Templates are perfect for those who: 

  • Want the ability to customize and personalize their sorority packet for recruitment and beyond. 
  • Are comfortable taking a Do-it-Yourself approach to resume formatting.
  • Have the time to invest in learning how to use Corjl, the internet program that powers our editable designs (detailed instructions are included).
  • Want to use cute, professional fonts that are not available through Word or Pages.
  • Are on a budget, but would like to create a high-quality, professionally-designed sorority packet. 

High-quality professional printing through is also available!


C.) JUST THE BASICS: Editable Sorority Resume Templates for Microsoft Word and Mac Pages

Our editable Sorority Resume Templates for Microsoft Word and Mac Pages allow you to edit text only. Resume templates come with pre-set color schemes and a list of free fonts you will need to install before using your template. Templates for additional sorority packet elements—personal stickers, note cards, return address labels, mailing labels—are not included. 


Step 2: If you have decided that a Complete Sorority Packet is the right choice for you, please carefully review the description below. If this DOES NOT describe you, we highly recommend allowing our professional designer to format your resume for you. 

"My computer is equipped with Adobe Acrobat Pro and/or other professional design software. My font library is stocked with a variety of typefaces that will coordinate with the packet design I've chosen. I feel confident about the prospect of digitally merging my own resume verbiage with the custom letterhead included with my packet."

The graphic below demonstrates the difference between a professionally-formatted resume from and DIY verbiage placement. 



Please Note: Resume formatting is a design service and does NOT include copyediting/proofreading. Like all major design companies, we will place the EXACT verbiage you submit. 

If we will be formatting your resume for you, you will need to have all of your resume verbiage ready to go and saved as a PDF**. However, do not spend an ounce of time formatting or designing your information—that's what we're here for! Times New Roman/12 point font works perfectly. 

Again, resume formatting does not include copyediting/proofreading—unless you opt to add-on this service for an additional fee, we will place the EXACT verbiage you upload via our order form. After formatting your information to perfection our designer will send you proofs via email. This is your opportunity to request any final edits or changes. After carefully reviewing your documents and submitting your approval, your order will be moved into print production and/or delivered to you electronically via We Transfer. 

**NOTE: To save a Word document as a PDF, go to File >> Save As and choose "PDF" in the "File Format" dropdown. To save a Pages document as a PDF, go to File >> Export To and choose "PDF." Need help drafting a resume? You'll find our free template here.


Step 3: Think through your cover letter options.

We offer three options for cover letters:

1. We can send you blank letterhead you can run through your printer—FREE
2. We can place cover letter verbiage with a generic greeting on your letterhead—FREE 
3. We can place cover letter verbiage with variable data personalized greetings on your letterhead—$25 EXTRA

The difference between a "generic" cover letter and a personalized cover letter has to do with the salutation. A generic cover letter will open with a greeting such as "Hello!" while a personalized cover letter might begin with a greeting like "Dear Mrs. Johnson."

Download our generic cover letter template here, our personalized cover letter template here, and our variable name data spreadsheet here. Both cover letter templates are fully editable using Microsoft Word, so feel free to make them your own before uploading to our order form! 


Step 4: Decide whether or not you want a headshot embedded on the first page of your resume.

Since you will also be sending a selection of printed headshots with your sorority packets, embedding a photo into your resume isn't a "must"—just a matter of personal preference! If this is something you want to do, be sure to have a high-resolution image ready to upload at the time of your order. 


Step 5: Consider your color choices.

Take a look at our complete color palette below—folder and envelope symbols indicate that our Presentation Envelopes and/or Pocket Folders are available in this color. For color pairing tips, please see this blog post.

Step 6: Think through the packet delivery process. 

Will you be hand-delivering your packets, or will you mail your information to alumnae? Answering this question will help you determine whether or not you will need to add items such as Pocket Folders, Presentation Envelopes, and/or Mailing Envelopes to your packet order. Watch the video below and read this blog post for more details! 


    Step 7: Think through printing options for your packets

    All of our Sorority Packets come with DIY printing instructions compatible with Avery Labels. However, *PLEASE NOTE* that full-bleed designs (templates with graphics that run off the edge of the page) CANNOT be printed properly using a home printer or by some local print shops. To ensure your DIY templates print perfectly, add on high-end professional printing through

    Our rates are competitive and we truly believe our print quality is unsurpassed. When you choose to have us print your packets, your gorgeous customized stationery products will be delivered directly to your doorstep along with detailed assembly instructions.

    Trust us: It's going to feel like Christmas when your SP order arrives!