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COVID-19 and sorority recruitment: What you need to know

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, things are absolutely crazy right now to say the leastI sincerely hope and pray that each and every one of you are safe and healthy, and as near to family as you can be—in times like these, that's what matters most.
At this point, it's hard to say what the future holds for sorority recruitment, but I wanted to do my best to keep you informed since I know that many of you are uncertain about how to proceed. Here are a few details we've gathered from our online research:
  • Sorority chapters are not able to meet in person for recruitment training workshops. In order to prepare for recruitment in the fall, workshops will have to be rescheduled or hosted over video conference. This doesn't affect you as a PNM, but it's something to be mindful of. Recruitment is going to be different for EVERYONE this year, simply because regular preparatory processes have been interrupted across the country. 
  • Universities have moved into remote/online learning. Because of this, physical sorority packets and letters of recommendation may or may not be able to be received at the sorority house address listed on each chapter's website. If the sororities on your campus have not yet updated their websites with information related to COVID-19, don't worry. Ultimately, it's up to the alumnae writing your letters of recommendation to figure out where to send their sponsorship forms and how to navigate the changing landscape of recruitment during this time. With that said, we've been receiving lots of inquiries about how to send a digital copy of your packet to alum. Learn more about how to send a sorority packet electronically here, and keep reading to explore some of the digital options we offer on  

  • Current guidelines and recommendations are focused exclusively on the spring. In other words, we haven't seen any mention yet of recruitment contingency plans for the fall. It's simply too early to speculate about what may or may not happen a few months down the line. Right now, the National Panhellenic Conference's focus is on the health and safety of chapter members and alum—as it should be! 

So, what can you be doing right now to continue preparing for sorority recruitment?

  • Check in frequently with your university's website (particularly the Student Activities page) to stay up-to-date with the latest briefings regarding recruitment on your campus.

  • If you have already started sending physical/printed recruitment packets to alum, that's okay! Printed packets are still an excellent resource for alum to use when completing sponsorship forms and writing personal letters of support—learn more about how alum use printed packets here. Many alumnae panhellenics are still requesting printed packets, so please be sure to check in with your local organization before making any adjustments to your game plan. 

  • If you have NOT already sent out sorority packets to alum, check in with your local alumnae panhellenic to see what's recommended. If you are gathering rec letters on your own and have yet to place an order, consider going fully digital. Dropping off packets in person is a no-go right now due to social distancing, and going digital will make it easy for alum to get your information to the sorority houses on your campus without interruption or delay.

  • Use this unexpected extra free time to stay as on-track with general recruitment prep guidelines as possible. Learn more here about what to do during the months of March-May.

Options for digital recruitment packets:
  • Full service custom resume + letterhead formatting | $175: In this scenario, our professional graphic designer will take away the stress of formatting your resume by doing it for you. You will select your favorite design and color palette, then upload the information you want included on your resume. Select "Yes - Format my resume for me" then select a print quantity of "0 - ELECTRONIC ONLY" to receive PDF copies of your fully-formatted resume and personal stationery sheet. Your headshot can be embedded into your resume if you wish, or you can simply send your three recruitment photos as attachments. Your resume should also be sent to alum as an email attachment, and your letterhead/stationery can be printed at home for general use at a later date. 

  • DIY templates available through or our 5-star rated Etsy shop | $75: If you choose this option, you will gain access to self-editable templates for a complete sorority packet via Corjl, our online editing program. Once you're happy with the way your information looks, you will be able to download your resume as a PDF for email delivery. Printing instructions are also included so that you can turn ALL of your customized templates (including note cards, stickers, address labels, and more) into a personal branded stationery set at any time. 


  • COMING SOON: RESUMES EDITABLE THROUGH MICROSOFT WORD AND PAGES! You asked (many times!), and we've been working HARD to develop templates that are editable and compatible with Microsoft Word and Pages. Our most popular designs are already finished—we're just working on getting them up on the site. We'll send out a special email ASAP when this option is available for purchase.
If you have any questions whatsoever, or there's anything at all our team can do to serve you or make life a little easier during this time, please don't hesitate to reach out directly. | 817.905.3375